MaoliCare Sports Cream

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MaoliCare Nano Sport Cream 60ml

"The Ultimate Athletic Recovery Solution"

MaoliCare Nano Sport Cream leverages cutting-edge nano-emulsion technology to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of its powerful ingredients, providing rapid and effective relief for athletes. This advanced formulation combines Full Spectrum Cannabinoids with a range of bioactive ingredients to offer a comprehensive approach to sports recovery and muscle care. Designed specifically for immediate pain relief and promoting fast healing, this cream addresses muscle injuries, soreness, bruises, and small muscle cuts resulting from over-performance.

Key Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:

Hemp Extract (Full Spectrum Cannabinoids):

•               Properties: Anti-inflammatory, pain relief

•               Benefits: The Full Spectrum Cannabinoids in our cream are known for their ability to reduce inflammation and relieve pain in muscles and joints. The presence of a trace amount of THC maximizes the entourage effect without causing psychoactive effects, enhancing the overall efficacy of the cannabinoids.

Organic Comfrey Extract:

•               Properties: Heals bruises, reduces inflammation

•               Benefits: Known for its healing properties, comfrey extract helps treat sports injuries and muscle soreness, speeding up recovery.

Aloe Leaf Juice:

•               Properties: Healing, soothing

•               Benefits: Aloe vera is famous for its skin-healing properties, making it ideal for soothing and relaxing muscles post-exercise.

Witch Hazel Extract:

•               Properties: Astringent, anti-inflammatory

•               Benefits: Reduces inflammation and soothes tired muscles, providing relief from minor pains and swelling.

Organic White Willow Bark Extract:

•               Properties: Contains salicin, natural pain reliever

•               Benefits: Acts as a natural pain reliever, easing muscle and joint aches commonly associated with sports activities.

Organic Rosemary Extract:

•               Properties: Anti-inflammatory

•               Benefits: Rosemary's anti-inflammatory properties help reduce muscle soreness and improve circulation, crucial for effective sports recovery.

Hypericum Extract (St. John's Wort):

•               Properties: Anti-inflammatory, nerve pain relief

•               Benefits: Beneficial for treating nerve pain and inflammation, aiding in the recovery from sports-related injuries.

Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract (Horse Chestnut):

•               Properties: Reduces swelling, improves blood circulation

•               Benefits: Enhances blood flow and reduces swelling, accelerating recovery from sports injuries.

Capsicum Extract:

•               Properties: Natural heat therapy

•               Benefits: Provides effective heat therapy, relieving muscle stiffness and enhancing blood flow to affected areas.

Vitamin E:

•               Properties: Antioxidant, skin conditioning

•               Benefits: Promotes skin health and supports healing, making it an essential component for muscle recovery.

Menthol and Camphor:

•               Properties: Cooling relief, improves blood circulation

•               Benefits: These ingredients offer immediate cooling relief and improve blood circulation, aiding in the quick recovery of sore and fatigued muscles.

Arnica Montana Extract:

•               Properties: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic

•               Benefits: Reduces inflammation and pain, accelerates the healing of bruises and muscle injuries.

Turmeric Root Extract (Curcumin):

•               Properties: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

•               Benefits: Reduces inflammation and pain, promoting faster healing of muscle injuries and small cuts.

Boswellia Serrata Extract:

•               Properties: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic

•               Benefits: Reduces inflammation and pain, supporting faster recovery from injuries.

How It Works:

MaoliCare Nano Sport Cream utilizes nano-emulsion technology to break down the active ingredients into nano-sized particles, significantly enhancing their bioavailability. This means the ingredients are absorbed more effectively into the skin and muscles, providing faster and more efficient relief. The combination of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids and other potent extracts work synergistically to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote healing, making it an essential part of any athlete's recovery regimen.

Why Choose MaoliCare Nano Sport Cream?

Our nano-emulsion technology ensures superior absorption and bioavailability of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids and other bioactive ingredients, offering rapid and effective relief for muscle and joint pain. Designed specifically for athletes, this cream provides a comprehensive solution for sports recovery, enhancing performance and overall well-being. Trust MaoliCare Nano Sport Cream to be your secret weapon in achieving optimal athletic performance and recovery.

“Experience the power of scientifically-backed, biologically advanced formulations designed to support your active lifestyle.”

Try MaoliCare Nano Sport Cream today and feel the difference.

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MaoliCare Sports Cream

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