Why MaoliCare?

At MaoliCare, we strive for the highest quality standards in premium products. As a partner of CM Global, Kadenwood Biosciences, Ecogen Biosciences, and Nanoshell Company, we are your European distributor of Colorado Grown Full & Broad Spectrum CBD products, suitable for individuals, wholesalers, and the white-label market. Our products are independently tested, packaged, and produced in the state of Colorado, USA.

We have recently expanded into Thailand with GACP-certified indoor grow facilities. Additionally, we formulate products containing full and broad spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes, combined with various natural ingredients, and also products without cannabinoids if needed. Our product line ranges from those aimed at general health and pain management to topicals, beverages, skincare, and more.

Our Unique Quality

Our exclusive cannabis strains are rich in high percentages of CBD, CNG, CBN, and CBC molecules, with customizable THC concentrations according to the regulations of each specific country. This makes our products unrivaled compared to industrial hemp from Europe and China. Throughout the entire growth process, from clone to finished product, we use only organic materials, meaning our products are free from pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.

Why Our Method Excels

We started at high altitudes, on pristine land, supplied by extremely pure air at the base of the southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado. We work closely with farmers and their strong family values, cultivating our cannabis plants with the same care as a high-quality vineyard. By using drip irrigation, we conserve pure Rocky Mountain water. We also consider future generations, avoiding pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or unnatural fertilizers throughout the entire growth period. Our commitment to the local community means we source materials locally whenever possible and use sustainable farming methods to minimize our impact on the land.

Our Promise of Purity

Our cannabis plants are planted, harvested, processed, and distributed according to Colorado state laws and the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, allowing us to deliver worldwide. We offer honest, pure, and fully traceable Full & Broad Spectrum CBD products, with customizable THC levels that comply with the regulations of each country.

Fully Controlled Process

MaoliCare supports you at every step, from the growth process to extraction, production, and independent laboratory testing. Our complete vertical integration ensures the highest quality of all our CBD products.

Our Products:

  1. Compliant Full Spectrum CBD Oil: We can adjust the THC concentration to the maximum allowed level according to the regulations of each specific country. We also distribute undiluted Full Spectrum CBD oil without THC.
  2. Complete Whole Plant Profile: Our patented extraction method uses the entire plant for high-quality Full Spectrum oil, rich in cannabinoids such as CBC, CBD, CBG, and CBN.
  3. Extraction & Purification Process: Patented technologies ensure high concentrations of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN, while completely removing unwanted THC and chlorophyll.
  4. Extensive Testing: On-site chromatography tests guarantee accurate representations of actual phyto-cannabinoid levels and confirm the true THC values throughout the entire process.
  5. Independent Lab Testing: All crops are sent to authorized independent testing laboratories for full analysis and verification of our own laboratory tests.
  6. Quality Control: All our Full Spectrum CBD products are produced under the industry's strictest conditions. Our Full Spectrum CBD gel capsules are NSF certified, the highest American production qualification a company can receive.

Wholesale, White-Label, and Private-Label

MaoliCare is also a large bulk supplier and offers white-label and private-label production options. We work with you to create customized products that meet your specific requirements and legal standards.

Choose MaoliCare and experience the pure, traceable, and premium quality of our Full & Broad Spectrum CBD products.