MaoliCare and Nanoshell Company: Partners in Innovation


Introduction to MaoliCare

Why MaoliCare? 

At MaoliCare, we strive for the highest quality standards in premium products. We specialize in the formulation and distribution of a variety of health and wellness products, including beverages, topicals, and skincare. As a partner of CM Global, Kadenwood Biosciences, Ecogen Biosciences, and Nanoshell Company, we focus on creating targeted formulations using unique active ingredients.


Expert Formulation: 

Martin Sleegers, founder and owner of MaoliCare, is the mastermind behind our innovative product range. His expertise in creating formulations for specific health needs has led to the development of products that address various concerns with precision and efficacy. Our products include hydrophobic plant molecules made water-soluble, nano-emulsified formulations, and our Intelligent NanoDelivery System.


Our Unique Quality: 

Our exclusive cannabis strains are rich in high percentages of CBD, CNG, CBN, and CBC molecules, with customizable THC concentrations. This ensures our products are superior to industrial hemp from other regions. We use only organic materials throughout the growth process, ensuring our products are free from pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.


Our Promise of Purity: 

We offer pure, fully traceable Full & Broad Spectrum CBD products, with customizable THC levels to comply with various regulations. Our complete vertical integration from growth to extraction, production, and independent laboratory testing ensures the highest quality.


Our Products:

  • Targeted Formulations: Products designed for specific health needs, including pain management, skincare, and beverages.
  • Advanced Extraction & Purification: Patented technologies ensure high concentrations of beneficial compounds while removing unwanted elements.
  • Extensive Testing: On-site and independent lab tests guarantee purity and potency.

Wholesale, White-Label, and Private-Label MaoliCare offers bulk supply and white-label and private-label production options, working with you to create customized products that meet your specific requirements and legal standards.


Introduction to Nanoshell Company:

Nanoshell Company Nanoshell Company, founded in 2005, is an early-stage R&D company specializing in developing new therapeutic approaches using innovative nanotechnologies. Our team, led by Dr. Agnes Ostafin and Dr. Hiroshi Mizukami, has extensive experience in nano-biotechnology, biological physics, and device development.

Innovative Therapeutic Approaches We develop new tools to combat complications associated with various health conditions, leveraging our nanotechnologies to create devices and formulations that enhance bioavailability and efficacy.

The Intelligent NanoDelivery System™ (INDSTM) The INDSTM system consists of specially-formulated, concentrated nanoliposomes and nanoemulsions made from biocompatible ingredients. This system increases the compatibility and efficacy of active ingredients in personal care and supplement product formulations, ensuring high tissue penetration and enhanced bioavailability.


Key Advantages of INDSTM:

  • Improved Absorption: Nano-sized bioactive molecules are more readily absorbed by the intestinal microvilli, enhancing efficacy.
  • Enhanced Protection: The nano-emulsion process protects bioactive ingredients from chemical alterations, preserving their efficacy.
  • Efficient Utilization: Once absorbed, these nano-sized ingredients are effectively utilized by the body, ensuring maximum benefit.

Collaborative Innovation: MaoliCare and Nanoshell Company Together, MaoliCare and Nanoshell Company form a powerhouse in consumer product formulation, combining award-winning patented scientific and bio-chemical technology with expertise in targeted health solutions. Our collaboration focuses on R&D and the formulation of beverage products using unique active ingredients ranging from cannabinoids to rare compounds like Astaxanthin. We make hydrophobic plant molecules water-soluble, nano-emulsify them, and package them into our patented nano-emulsion for our Intelligent NanoDelivery System.


Pioneering Innovation: 

The Rabbit Lifestyle Drink Our partnership has already resulted in groundbreaking products, such as The Rabbit Lifestyle Drink, the first-ever nano-based all-natural energy drink. This innovative beverage showcases the synergy of our advanced technologies and formulation expertise, offering consumers enhanced energy and wellness benefits through superior bioavailability and absorption.



MaoliCare and Nanoshell Company together provide unmatched expertise in consumer product formulation and innovative delivery systems. Our combined strengths ensure that we deliver the highest quality, most effective products to market, setting new standards in health and wellness solutions.