Our Story: MaoliCare®

MaoliCare® was founded in 2017 with a passion for the power of the cannabis plant. Our team works tirelessly to bring this knowledge and high-quality products to our customers. Thanks to our innovative approach, using cannabinoids and balancing your endocannabinoid system has never been more accessible and affordable.

Grown and produced in the beautiful and unique environment of Colorado, USA, MaoliCare® has closely followed the developments and growth of the hemp industry. We analyze each event to create the best solutions for our customers. As our team continues to grow, so does the industry. We are excited that you are joining us on this journey as we explore the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system together.

MaoliCare® offers an extensive product line with 99%+ cannabinoid isolates, Broad and Full Spectrum CBD, and non-CBD products. Our unique variations allow consumers to achieve revitalization through their preferred method. Our Nano CBD products feature smaller CBD particles for faster results, aimed at improving quality of life worldwide. We have recently expanded into Thailand with GACP-certified indoor grow facilities, enabling us to deliver the highest quality products.

All our products are individually tested by third parties to ensure consistency and purity. MaoliCare® stands for transparency and quality, demonstrated by our commitment to clean, sustainable production processes. Additionally, we offer white-label and private-label services, including formulation and bulk supply.


MaoliCare® by the Numbers:

7+ Years in business

42,000,000,000+ Milligrams of CBD sold

10,000+ Households improved their quality of life

3 Wholesale locations

96% of people recommend MaoliCare®

4.8 Average star rating across all products


MaoliCare® and its partners believe in the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and other active ingredients derived from plants. Our company reflects this belief in all our business practices, policies, and procedures. With over 180 hectares of land in the ideal conditions of Colorado and advanced facilities in Thailand, we can produce thousands of liters of pure Full / Broad Spectrum CBD and other cannabinoids. We use natural methods such as beneficial insects instead of pesticides and the purest water from the Colorado River to create the best conditions for our plants.

Our integrated approach ensures that all cultivation and production facilities are located in one place, preventing cross-contamination and allowing us to guarantee the quality and safety of our products. Our team follows strict quality protocols to ensure the purity and safety of MaoliCare® products.

MaoliCare® proudly stands behind the products we produce because we believe we offer the best Full Spectrum CBD oil in the world. Our natural cultivation methods and advanced ethanol extraction processes ensure the purest and cleanest therapeutic CBD oil products in the industry.


The Farms: Our cultivation begins at high altitudes, on pristine land at the foot of the southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado, as well as in our GACP-certified indoor grow facilities in Thailand. We collaborate with local farmers and use sustainable farming methods, such as drip irrigation and avoiding pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Our commitment to the community and the environment ensures clean and sustainable products.


Our Philosophy: MaoliCare® creates full-spectrum and broad-spectrum cannabinoid products, as well as non-CBD products, for a happy and healthy lifestyle. We treat everyone like family and strive for the best, cleanest products. Our sustainable practices, from composting to water conservation, reflect our commitment to the planet's health. We believe that natural ingredients are key to well-being and health. Therefore, we carefully select every component in our products, based on scientific research and proven effectiveness.


The Production Process: Our production process begins with mother plants and clones to ensure genetic stability. We use natural fertilizers and regularly test our plants to determine the optimal harvest time. Our advanced cold ethanol extraction method ensures pure oils without impurities. All products are manufactured on-site and independently tested for consistency and purity. In addition to cannabinoids, we use a wide range of active ingredients, such as terpenes, flavonoids, and essential amino acids, each contributing to the unique effectiveness of our products.

MaoliCare® stands for transparency and offers full insight into our production process. Our customers receive certificates of analysis and test results with each product.


Sustainable Cultivation: Our sustainable farming methods and quality control ensure the purest products. We use drip irrigation and cloning to maintain genetic stability and minimize our ecological footprint through composting and efficient energy practices. Through innovative techniques and continuous optimization of our processes, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment.


Our Mission: MaoliCare® stands for purity, transparency, and sustainability. We produce high-quality full/broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich products and non-CBD products, and aim to educate about the benefits of natural ingredients while protecting our planet. Our mission is to provide people around the world with access to the best natural health products available.


MaoliCare®: Where Nature meets Science.