CBD Isolate 1000 gram / 999,000mg


High-quality Whole Plant CBD Crystals 99.9% pure, from seed to end product entirely in-house on our farms in Colorado USA.

1 kilogram is equivalent to approximately 999,400 mg of cannabidiol!

Price from 1 kilogram, larger numbers please email us for a customized quote.

We do not keep stock, all orders are produced to order in Colorado!

* These MaoliCare crystals are suitable for a vaporizer.
* Extracted from our own cannabis plants at the foot of the Rocky Mountains Colorado.
* Every batch (production cycle) is EXTRA tested in an independent laboratory, our certificates can be found on this site for inspection.
NO CO2 EXTRACTION USED but according to a better, cleaner and safer cold ethanol extraction!
* Mixing in food is possible.


In addition to using it in the vaporizer, you can also place the crystals under the tongue so that it is absorbed by your body, just like the oil. The crystals will then dissolve in your saliva and your mucosa effectively absorbs it in your body. The crystals are slightly different in composition in each batch. After all, it is a natural product. When the crystals are a bit larger, you can crush them / crush them so that they are better absorbed. If desired, you can also add these crystals to a joint or to your (homemade) cannabis oil or CBD oil.

Use of MaoliCare CBD crystals in an E-cigarette.

MaoliCare CBD crystals can be used in a vaporizer, if it is equipped with an oil can or liquid pad. You can set the vaporizer at a temperature of around 175 degrees Celsius/347 Fahrenheit.

Please note! All orders are made on demand in our lab in the USA, and can only be made after payment is received.

International Shipping Disclaimer:

"MaoliCare is not liable for the international shipment of products once they leave our U.S. facilities. We cannot be held responsible for customs seizures or delays in destination countries. Customers are advised to familiarize themselves with local customs regulations, which vary and may affect the delivery of orders."

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CBD Isolate 1000 gram / 999,000mg

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