CBG Distiallate 1 liter 900.000mg

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CBG Distillate is a unique bulk cannabinoid that only a handful of companies currently produce and sell in bulk quantity. CBG is a minor cannabinoid found in a number of our CBD-based products. However, with our proprietary CBG extraction process, we produce highly purified CBG products. These are produced by using a high CBG starting raw material, which is then purified and processed using proprietary techniques to create a unique bulk CBG distillate. CBG Distillate is one of the most highly valued raw materials in the cannabinoid market.

Because this is a CBG distillate that still contains some CBD, it allows retail brands to smoothly transition into a new cannabinoid product, while retaining consumer familiarity and comfort level with the product. It is typically used in topical cosmetics, soft gels, oils, pressed pills, and tinctures.

Please note! All orders are made on demand in our lab in the USA, and can only be made after payment is received.

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CBG Distiallate 1 liter 900.000mg

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