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Fixed Customers Benefit with Maoli Savings Points:


We appreciate the trust that customers put in us and therefore we have set up a savings system that will build a discount on every order.

The savings system is simple on purpose. To be able to participate, you only have to register as a customer.
With each purchase you get 5 Maoli points per € uro of the order amount. For an order of € 39,95 you will get 200 points. One Maoli point is worth € 0.01. With 200 maoli points in your balance, you have € 2.00 discount credit.
The Maoli points earned by an order can be redeemed at a subsequent order, but you can also leave them and redeem them at a later date. They are valid forever.


Extra Maoli Points:

You get:

* 100 extra Maoli points if you register as a customer;
* 100 extra Maoli points for each product review you write. This does not have to be a long story, a       short comment and review is enough;
* 15 additional Maoli points when you sign up for our newsletter;
* 250 extra Maoli points if you register a new customer who purchases at least 1 product.

On your account page you will find an overview of saved and delivered items.



Maoli points are awarded separately for each purchased product.
By order, Maoli points are automatically added to your account.
Added Maoli points are redeemable at a subsequent order.
The system automatically calculates the maximum number of interchangeable number of points.
The number of points to be exchanged can not be manually adjusted.
When redeeming, the number of Maoli points is automatically deducted from the number of points to be earned.

* 1 Maoli point has a value of € 0,01.
* Saved Maoli points are unlimited valid.
* Maoli points are not transferable and can not be exchanged for cash.
* Only registered customers can save Maoli points.