Our Story

Maolicare was founded in 2017. After understanding the power the amazing hemp plant has, our team began working to bring it to customers around the world. 

Utilizing CannaBinoiDs and balancing your endocannabinoid system has never been as accessible and affordable.

Growing and producing in the beautiful and unique surroundings of Colorado USA, Maolicare has been able to watch the changes and growth of the hemp industry very closely – studying each and every event to craft the perfect business for our customers. As our team continues to grow, it is clear that the industry will as well. We’re excited to have you along for the ride and hope to fully understand cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, side by side.

Made with 99%+ CannaBinoiD isolates, Broad or Full Spectrum CBD the Maolicare product line speaks for itself. Unique variations of CBD allow consumers to attain revitalization through their preferred method.

Maolicare is home to a line of Nano CannaBinoiD products; featuring much smaller CBD particles crafted for faster results. With a dedication to improving quality of life across the globe, this variation of CBD is catered to those who need quick attention to their problem areas.

Our third-party lab results offer a public option to look into the science behind CBD isolate and how our product stands out from the competition. All Maolicare products are paired with individually batched testing to prove consistency and purity.


Maolicare is here to create a CBD revolution


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MaoliCare and its partners stand for the idea that Cannabis, and specifically, the CannaBinoids extracted from cannabis should be viewed as therapeutic and as such, all business, policies and procedures within our company should reflect this so that we can contribute to making the therapeutic effect and science of this known.

With a current capacity of over 180 acres of land in the ideal conditions of Colorado, we can produce thousands of gallons of pure Full/Broad Spectrum CBD and other cannbinoids. It all starts during the growth of our plants. Using aggressive insects instead of pesticides, we control the growth of our production. This combined with the most naturally pure water of the Colorado River that originates in the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains we believe we have the most ideal conditions for the best dominant Full Spectrum CBD strain production. MaoliCare places an emphasis on clean, sustainable growth for pure, consistent and long-lasting plants that ultimately reward us with the best possible PhytoCannaBinoiD oils available in today's marketplace

To take our methodology a step further, we have invested in locating the farm, cultivation and production facilities all on the same site so that we can ensure that there is no cross-contamination from external products. We believe this is as important as any other aspect of our business. Because we can closely monitor and test the plant from seed to finished product, we can guarantee quality and safety ourselves.

Our team recognizes that having strict quality regulations in and around the company such as, face protection, gloves, hair coverings, footwear coverings, protect MaoliCare's products and therefore consumer safety. Precautions prevent unforeseen contamination in a company that considers cleanliness during operations as important as the quality of the products we produce. After all, Healthy Plants brings Healthy People.

MaoliCare proudly stands behind the products we produce because we have put a lot of effort into manufacturing what we consider the best Full Spectrum CBD oil in the world. Starting with a pesticide free, all natural plant material is already half the battle. Add to this our proprietary Ethanol extraction methods, which ensure that all impurities are completely removed, and we can assure you that you are getting the purest, cleanest therapeutic Full Spectrum CBD oil products in the industry.      


The Farm:

We started at high altitude, on beautiful virgin land, under a supply of extremely pure air at the base of the southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Fundamentally, we work with farmers and their strong family values. We grow our cannabis plants in the same manner as a high quality vineyard, and give extra attention to plants while using drip irrigation to conserve our pure Rocky mountain water. Future generations are also what we think about, which is why we do not use pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or unnatural fertilizers throughout the growth period of our plants. We are committed to the local community, sourcing our materials locally whenever possible. While maintaining sustainable farming practices, we reduce our impact on the land and hope that future farmers will follow our lead.  All of our cannabis plants are planted, harvested, processed and distributed according to State of Colorado laws aslly in full compliance with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 and can therefore be delivered to the entire world.


Our Thinking:

MaoliCare makes fully Full Spectrum CannaBinoïDen products for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We treat all people like they are family! We provide the best, cleanest products, but also take the time to educate and listen to our family! And when everyone is part of the MaoliCare family, the whole planet is our home!


We also treat our thinking as such, starting on the farms. Not only do they avoid harsh chemicals, but they are always reducing their carbon footprint and working on sustainable initiatives such as their own composting, drip irrigation for water conservation, and reducing electrical usage through efficiency!


Our philosophy is simple:

1) Provide the purest, highest quality Full / Broad Spectrum CannaBinoïDe-rich products with transparency and passion.

2) Educate our society on the benefits of Full Spectrum CannaBinoïDen.

3) Protect our earth in the entire process.


Our thinking is simple: Healthy plants, healthy people, healthy planet.


The Production Process:

The production process begins with the Mother Plants. We grow our new plants from the clones of the Mother Plants, using a metric tag system to track each plant through the growth process. Throughout the life cycle of our plants, NO pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used and we make our own natural fertilizer from compost. We test the plants throughout the growth cycle to make sure we are harvesting at the "best time". After harvesting, we dry the plants naturally! Once the plants are fully dried, we use only the flowers/tops and leaves of the plant which are then ground into loose material. We use the rest of the plants again to make compost.


We then extract based on a cold ethanol process. We consider this to be more natural and superior to other extraction methods. Once all the ethanol is removed through various purification processes, we have our "first cut oil" tested by an independent laboratory to ensure purity and strength. We are now ready to start making products from our "first cut oil"! All production is done on site at the farm under strict Good Manufacturing Practices conditions. When the products are ready to ship, we conduct another test with an independent laboratory to re-assure the potency of each product. Then we are ready to ship our high-quality products to you - right from the farm!


Sustainable Growing:

Learn how our growing techniques lead to the purest products:

Everyone should be aware of the products they use, including where they come from and how they are made. This is especially important for things that go on or into our bodies. We need to know that not only are the foods and medicinal products we use good for us, but also that they are produced responsibly.

MaoliCare is committed to growing the best hemp, and we achieve this through a special cultivation process combined with extensive quality control testing.

To produce the best hemp and reduce our impact on the land, we are committed to sustainable farming practices. We have also developed our own fertilizer that helps balance the local ecosystem. In addition, we never use herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.


Our growing process:

We use drip irrigation, which ensures that each plant gets the proper hydration and that we conserve the Rocky Mountain water we use. Instead of growing from seeds, we always cultivate from mother plants. By using clones, we can maintain genetic stability. Clones are cut from the mothers and then undergo a rooting process that takes 7 to 14 days.


The plants are then transferred to pots to begin the vegetative stage. During this stage, they receive additional light exposure to promote internal growth. During the flowering stage, the plant buds, producing essential trichomes (resin) and hair-like follicles. Plants are then harvested and hung or stripped of their leaves and buds to dry. When the proper moisture content is achieved, the plants are then ground for extraction.


Stringent quality control:

Because we take quality control very seriously, it begins at the flowering stage of cultivation and continues until the products are completed. All CannaBinoïDen levels are monitored with a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzer. In addition to looking at the quality of the hemp, this ensures that we continue to meet the limits created by the Colorado Department of Agriculture regarding industrial hemp.

All of our plants and products are also tested by independent certified Colorado laboratories for CannaBinoid content and compliance. They also test for purity, ensuring that nothing we produce contains solvents, heavy metals or other biocontaminants. We operate under full transparency and offer tours of both our farm and laboratory. We also offer our customers a certificate of analysis and a copy of the most recent tests with each product.


The best products come from the healthiest plants!