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MaoliCare and its manufacturer stand for the idea that Cannabis, and specifically, the Full and Broad Spectrum CBD’s derived from Cannabis should be viewed as therapeutic medicine, and as such all business acumen, policies and procedures should reflect the seriousness of the business and what we are collectively endeavoring to achieve in holistic options and science.

Boasting a capacity to grow in the natural Colorado elements, 180 acres of plant material, that translates to hundreds of gallons of pure, clean Full Spectrum CBD oil, our methodology starts with the grow. Using aggressive insects rather than pesticides to control growth and production, in combination with the natural clean water of the Rocky Mountains, we believe we have the ideal conditions for the best CBD dominant strain production.  Maoli Care™ puts an emphasis on clean, sustainable growth, for clean, consistent and sustainable plants and ultimately the best possible Full Spectrum CBD oils available in the market.

Taking our methodology one step further, we have invested in a farm, cultivation, extraction and production facility that is all housed on the same property so that we can ensure that there has been no cross contamination nor foreign element introduced to any of our products. We believe this is as important as any other aspect of our business because we control the plant from seed to production of finished product and we carefully and regularly track and test from seed to finish to ensure quality and safety of all of our products. 

Enforcing a strict cleanliness module throughout our facility, our teams understand the importance of face covers, gloves, hair cover and shoe covers when in and around our farm to further protect the output of MaoliCare products and the safety of the end user. Precautions prevent unforeseen contaminants in an industry where the cleanliness of the end result is as important as the oils we produce. Healthy Plants, Healthy People.

MaoliCare, in our endeavor to provide the best of the best in products, further strives for incomparable excellence in customer service. If our partners are not happy, or receiving exemplary customer care, how can they depend on us, the supplier to provide the best of the best ? It’s simple; we focus on the customer care, respect and consideration of those investing in us, to return exceptional customer service. We stand by the mantra that good business sets the precedence for respect, consideration and kindness and we extend through our clients, a compassion for the need of the end user seeking medicinal relief to whatever symptoms they may have. 

MaoliCare stands proudly behind the oils we produce because we have gone to great lengths to extract and produce the best oil available in what we estimate to be the world. Starting with a pesticide free, organic whole plant material is half the battle. Add to this our proprietary Ethanol extraction methods, which ensure that the solvents or impurities of the raw material are completely stripped out, we confidently return a pure, clean, and medicinal grade oil that is second to none in the industry. 

Add to this methodology, we do not “backfill” our oils with isolate to achieve the CBD percentages we are specifically looking for, but instead we backfill with a chromatography derived distillate, comprised of whole plant oil material, so that the return of the product is as robust and Full Spectrum CBD-centric as possible, without compromising many of the other molecular compounds needed for whole healing effects.  Oil that has been backfilled with CBD isolate returns a simple single compound oil with limited values. 

MaoliCare strives to improve daily, on the plant production, extraction methods and finished products our clients seek out for their businesses. We stand by the idea that healthy plants, return healthy people and we are all in this industry to make a difference in the world of greater good through holistic healthy medicine.


MaoliCare is Europe's largest distributor of bulk and wholesale American Grown therapeutic hemp Full and Broad Spectrum CBD products tested, packaged, and processed in the great State of Colorado, USA, and manufactured using GMP, NSF and ISO certified processes.  We are the largest bulk distributors of organic, domestic, medicinal hemp CBD oil in North America. Our unique and proprietary strain of high CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC andTHC-free or low THC (max. 0,3%) cannabis produces naturally more beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes than any strain of European or Chinese industrial hemp!

While everyone else was cross-breeding strains of cannabis to produce more THC, our grow team was cross-breeding strains to produce less THC, and more CBD, CBG, CBN.  Because our proprietary cannabis strain genetics produces naturally less than 0.3% THC, we registered it with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture as industrial hemp.  Our partners were issued one of the first hemp licenses in Colorado State in 2014.   All of our American hemp CBD plants are grown and distributed in full compliance with the State of Colorado, as well as in full federal compliance with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 and can be sold all over the world.

We are NOT big fans of European Hemp CBD, but if you want EU hemp, we have full traceability from seed to sale of EU Hemp CBD for those customers looking for imported CBD. Buy the Best Pure CBD Oil, High Quality Pure CBD Isolate, CBD Oil Extract, CBD Powder, CBD Crystal, and THC free, Full Spectrum CBD for Sale.

1.THC compliant, Hemp CBD Oil - Compliant means a maximum of 0,2% levels of THC. We distribute the only true full spectrum CBD extract that contains zero THC and is not diluted down.  

2. Complete Whole Plant, Full Flower Profile - Our proprietary extraction process uses the entire plant for a full-spectrum oil, which could containing a large amount of naturally present cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, THCA, CBDA, and over 40 terpenes in our extract.

3. Extraction & Purification Process - Proprietary Liquid Ethanol extraction technology allows for high levels of

cannabinoids especially CBD, CBG, and CBN, while eliminating unwanted amounts of THC and chlorophyll.

4. Rigorous Testing - On-site chromatography testing ensures accurate levels of phytocannabinoids and

confirms the absence of THC through our proprietary processes.

5. 3rd Party Lab Testing - All batches we produce are sent to one of our authorized 3rd Party Labs for complete analysis and verification of the internal lab test results that we conduct in-house and include with all orders.

6. Quality Control - All of our Full Spectrum CBD oils, extracts, concentrates, and finished products are manufactured, with the highest quality control measures in the industry. Our Full Spectrum CBD gel capsules have been designated NSF certified (the highest manufacturing certification). 

Why Is Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil So Powerful?

Making edibles, topicals, or cannacaps? Here’s why cannabis-infused coconut oil is the best delivery system for your medicine.

Cannabis-infused coconut oil is quickly gaining popularity. But, is it more effective than butter? Why is coconut oil the best carrier fat to use with cannabis? Why is it necessary to use oil at all? Here’s why cannabis-infused coconut oil is such a healthy and powerful medicine. 


Compounds in cannabis are fat soluble. What does that mean, exactly? They break down in fat rather than water. This means that in order to reap the benefits of dietary cannabinoids, you’ll need to consume them with some fat.

Coconut oil is superior for nutrient absorption. This is true not only for cannabis but for other fat-soluble nutrients as well. Vitamin E and beta-carotene are two examples.

In fact, when you purchase nutritional supplements, opting for liposomal (fat-based) delivery systems can dramatically enhance the total amount of nutrients you actually absorb.

When you combine cannabinoids with fat, the fat helps the cannabinoids travel through your digestive tract where they will eventually be broken down and released for your body to use.

Improved binding.

The high saturated fat content in coconut oil provides ample binding opportunities for cannabinoids. Coconut oil contains around 90% saturated fat, which is far superior to olive oil (15%). (But, don’t worry! This fat won’t clog your arteries or put inches on your waistline. This topic is discussed in detail below.)

Since cannabis is fat-soluble, the higher the quality of the carrier fat, the better the extraction will be. The abundance and purity of the fat in coconut oil gives cannabinoids like THC and CBD have plenty of material to work with. This means that infused coconut oil provides the greatest bang for your buck.

Different types of fat

Different fats come in different shapes. Coconut oil contains an abundance of saturated fats of unique quality. Specifically, coconut oil is high in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Other oils, like canola and sunflower oil, are primarily made of long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs).

The body can break down the MCFAs in coconut oil much more easily than it can those of LCFAs. In fact, LCFAs require special enzyme proteins to break them down. Rather, MCFAs are directly metabolized into energy by the liver. This means that your body can burn those fats and put them to use right away.

Liver metabolism makes for a stronger psychoactive experience. When consuming cannabis via an edible or infused oil, greater amounts of THC is converted to the psychoactive metabolite 11-hydroxy-THC.

This makes the edible cannabis much stronger than smoked or vaporized cannabis. 11-hydroxy-THC crosses into the brain more easily than THC. Using coconut oil or other products that contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oils) triggers a relatively rapid release cannabinoids when compared to other oils.

It also limits the fat stored on your waistline. Coconut oil gives you a quick energy boost without forcing your body to expend energy to free up the fat for use. When using other oils like canola, you’re more likely to store that oil as fat and it will take longer for your body to metabolize.

3 Benefits of coconut oil

There are a few other reasons to choose coconut oil. Not only is it a rich source of metabolism-boosting medium chain fatty acids, but some of these fats have specific health benefits, including,

1. Lauric acid

Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid with antimicrobial properties. If you’re a fan of cannabis topicals, using slaves or creams with a coconut oil base provides natural protection against pathogens and infection. Lauric acid also promotes balanced cholesterol levels, making it a heart-healthy fat.

2. Caprylic acid

Caprylic acid is another MCFA with anti-microbial properties. Specifically, caprylic acid is anti-fungal. Research as early as 1949 found that this fat contained a natural fungicide, which could be beneficial for both topical and oral use.

The over half-century old patent cited above found that the fat could be useful in treating mycotic infections on living organisms.

3. Vitamin E

Coconut oil contains small amounts of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that is excellent for skin and hair. While the oil itself is not the best dietary source of the vitamin, it does help the body absorb vitamin E more readily.

Including more coconut oil in your diet helps ensure that your body is making the best use out of the phytonutrients that you consume on a daily basis.

Cannabis-Infused coconut oil recipe

You can make cannabis-infused coconut oil yourself right at home. For best results, opt for organic extra virgin coconut oil. It may be a little pricey, but it will help you get the most benefit from your cannabis. A herb that you won’t want to waste.

You can use the oil as a butter replacement in recipes, put some in smoothies, use it as a topical, or use it to fill pill capsules.